Partnership Lead

The role of the Partnership Lead

The Partnership Lead acts on behalf of the partnership to manage the relationship with the Network.  The Partnership Lead duties include:

  • supporting the activities of the Partnership Governance Committee, including proposing the agenda, finalizing minutes and drafting annual committee reports;
  • ensuring successful management and administration of the Selection Panel;
  • reporting on the progress of the activities and achievement of performance milestones;
  • providing analysis of the Network’s finances; and
  • encouraging widespread awareness of the partnership, the Network and its activities.

TRAM Partnership Lead: Jacques Hendlisz

Photo of Jacques Hendlisz, TRAM Partnership Lead.

Jacques Hendlisz was Director General of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute for 17 years.  He focused much of his work at the Douglas on integrating care research and teaching into all clinical programs.  He was a leading advocate in the fight to combat stigma through public education and web-based programs.  Mr. Hendlisz was a board member of the FRSQ (Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec) and is presently Chairman of Research Canada, an alliance for health discovery.  He is also Chairman of the Committee consultatif of “Prend soin de toi”, a public/private partnership which distributes research grants to Mental Health organizations in Quebec that aims to improve care, transfer knowledge and translate mental health practices in first line services.


A CIHR-GBF Joint Partnership

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