The Network

The Network is the vehicle for creating transformational change in youth mental health through the Transformational Research in Adolescent Mental Health (TRAM) initiative.  TRAM received 54 applications from groups across Canada but ultimately only one network will be selected to receive funding.

Application process

TRAM received applications from 54 groups across Canada.  Each application was unique yet all expressed that there is need for systems change in Canadian youth mental health. 

The process thus far has been both competitive and collaborative; the Strengthening Workshop provided the opportunity for proposed networks to evolve and new networks emerge.

On May 22, 2014, the Selection Panel will select one of the proposed networks that will receive funding from the Partners.  The chosen network will have integrated and effectively engaged all stakeholder groups (patients/families, policy makers, researchers, service providers and community organizations), providing a leadership model designed to support achievement of their clearly defined goals within the five-year time frame.

Network requirements

Transformative change will not be achieved by doing a bit more a bit better.  It will require approaches that are conceptually different rather than improving the status quo.  Applicant networks should be prepared to TRANSFORM Canadian youth mental health:

Target youth who are or could be identified as potential patients of the mental health care system

Research effectiveness of known and novel innovations

Attract people and resources within and outside the health care system

Navigate the realities of health care, financing, politics, policy and practice

Share leadership amongst all members and stakeholder groups

Formulate quantitative targets & indicators with which outcomes can be measured

Outline a leadership model to support achievement of well-defined goals

Reach at least three provinces and/or territories through systems change

Mobilize key levers of change

The TRAM Phase II: Call for Letters of Intent contains more detailed information concerning specific network goals, objectives, scope and governance.


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