Results of TRAM's Call for Expressions of Interest

EOI Results - June 7, 2013

Note: Notifications of decision were sent June 3, 2013.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the 54 groups who submitted Expressions of Interest to TRAM.  Our congratulations to the 19 groups – 6 emerging networks and 13 teams – which have been invited to continue to participate in the core network development process and TRAM’s Strengthening Workshop in June.

The TRAM Collaborating Selection Panel was impressed by the diversity of the participants, as well as the many new partnerships which are starting to break down silos and jurisdictional barriers across the Canadian mental health community.  The next great challenge will be to build some truly transformative approaches: how can we take these strengths, and start using them in very different ways, to provide better mental health services to more of the youth who need them?

The Panel would encourage those groups not participating in the workshop to continue to be part of the TRAM effort.  You can share your vision and information with each other and with the emerging networks through the TRAM participant Facebook site.

Those groups participating in the workshop are similarly urged to share their information on the TRAM participant Facebook site, and to take a close look at the opportunities described there to connect with key networks, services and sites, technology and data platforms and others.

Should you have any questions about the TRAM review process or results, please contact:

Colleen Gushue
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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