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Announcement of the successful TRAM network

CIHR and GBF are delighted to announce the results of the successful TRAM Network in Youth and Adolescent Mental Health.  ACCESS Canada, led by Dr. Ashok Malla, has been chosen as the successful TRAM Network through a competitive process.  TRAM is 5 year, $25 million partnership between CIHR and GBF that will bring about transformational change in youth and adolescent mental health.

CIHR and Graham Boeckh Foundation launch mental health research network

Fact Sheet - ACCESS Canada

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Phase III: Call for Full Applications

15-Jan-2014  Three groups from Phase II have been invited to continue in the network development process. In Phase III, these groups will utilize their development grants of $25,000 (per network) to build their networks, partnerships and full proposals in time for the March 13, 2014 deadline.


TRAM Strengthening Workshop

05-Jul-2013  In June 2013, seventeen shortlisted applicant groups participated in the TRAM Strengthening Workshop. The workshop provided the opportunity for participants to present and discuss their proposals with the other applicant groups and the TRAM Selection Panel, with the goal of strengthening their submissions at the next stage of the TRAM process, namely the Letter of Intent stage.


A CIHR-GBF Joint Partnership

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